20 weeks pregnant, and so it begins…

After finally making it half way through pregnancy, I thought now might be a good time to express oneself. And yes, I do find I am increasingly using upper class vocabulary in an attempt to abate the string of profanities that spring to mind with every passing pang and cramp.

We decided to keep the pregnancy low-key up until this point for various reasons and, as of this date, the majority of friends still do not know. It is now clearly obvious and I cannot hide the bump anymore, nor come up with any new excuses for not drinking, so I guess it is time to go public.

We are finding out the sex of the baby next week and will reveal all to the greater, nosy public then…

In the meantime, I have realised that this is where the fun actually begins. The halfway point. My brain is semi firing again after months of sickness and it has dawned upon those poor little cells just how much time we have left to prepare. Both at home and at work. The stress is seemingly insurmountable and finding out that the baby can actually feel my stress at this point did not help one iota!

For now I shall retreat to the haven of my mounting Mothercare, John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe boxes and try to not think about exactly where I am going to put the tonnes of equipment that a 7lb baby apparently needs.


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