Vegan win of the day #2

Jelly Tots. YESSSS!!!!!

Seriously. How can one not be excited at this news?

My sister in law and I have traditions at Christmas that have been born over many years and we can’t even remember how half of them got started to be honest. One in particular is that, whatever else I may or may not receive, she will always buy me a tube of Jelly Tots. It’s our thing. Don’t try to mess with it ok? There is also the usual accompanying bottle of wine so she had to get creative last year and bought me Shloer instead due to the little human currently walking around inside of me.

I am already worried enough about ‘coming out’ as Vegan to my family and, in all honesty, I think I would get a better reaction if I announced I was gay! One of my biggest concerns however, was how to tell my darling sister in law that I would no longer be able to have my annual tube of Jelly Tots. Luckily, my brave, handsome, hero of a partner stepped up to take one for the team and announced that he would eat them on my behalf. Jelly Tots are his favourite so I have to guard my tube with my life else they will disappear before I’ve even had a sniff. That is despite the fact that his mother buys him four tubes of his own at Christmas!

So imagine my joy when I took to Googling Vegan friendly sweets and discovered that Rowntrees had declared two lines as suitable. Tootie Frooties and yes, that’s right, it’s only Jelly Tots now isn’t it! My poor partner was devastated however, nigh on inconsolable, especially as I nag him for eating too many sweets anyway. Sorry, my Jelly Tots are no longer for sharing. The following week he then got a tooth infection and had to have a root canal, you know, just to drive my point home so, for now at least, my Tots are safe from sneaking fingers…



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