Booty or not booty…

Now that is the question. Personally I am a no booty type of person. They flail about like oversize clown shoes on a newborn’s feet and are seemingly ridiculous. But, after days of picking up socks from the floor I finally succumbed. The booties had greater chance of staying on.

Luckily, rummaging through a drawer of gifts from family members, I found a smaller pair that fit snugly onto the feet and did not look oversized at all. Win! We had one loss earlier after getting caught up in a blanket but, other than that, they have stayed firmly put all day.

H on the other hand has not been as easy to deal with today. She has been tired and clingy all day and will only sleep long enough if she is on me. Getting the laundry sorted out is going to be a challenge…

Midnight update: one handed laundry turned out to be a lot easier than cleaning up H’s follow through in the bath. One minute she was happily blowing bottom bubbles and the next she was sitting in a puddle of poo. The grumps, the profuse sweating and clinginess now make sense. Let’s hope for a more relaxed day tomorrow.

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