Another growth spurt

My darling daughter has been anything but perfect these last few days, however the last 24 hours have been like going back to day one. She woke me up every couple of hours last night, mostly for food, sometimes for cuddles so, needless to say, we were both completely shattered today. In an attempt to get some rest, I opted for a pj day. In all honesty that was partly due to me longing to dress her in her Bambi pyjamas!

My little pickle has also returned to her newborn game of ‘guess why I’m crying’. H never did have all these different cries I heard others speak of. I believed they were just a myth. She had one cry. It was loud. I mean, LOUD. At 14 weeks old she has developed different cries, moans and telltale signs to distinguish between her needs. They are all still loud but at least they are different. Until now…

We are back to random crying, outbursts, hysterics, you name the crisis reaction and she is all over it. And they are all the same loud tone they used to be. Is she hungry? Is she tired? Does she have wind? Quite frankly your guess would be as good as mine right now. Only now we have the bonus round of ‘is she teething?’. (Spoiler alert, it is all of the above.) Sometimes she dribbles, sometimes it’s just blowing bubbles because, let’s face it, that’s just plain fun! Sometimes she wants to chew on a teether, sometimes she wants to throw them one by one across the mat as they are offered to her.

I am not good at guessing games so being thrown back into the dark is becoming increasingly difficult for me. I have resorted to returning to basics and going through a mental checklist. I change her nappy, wind her, play with her, don’t play with her, change which room we are in, hand her teethers, pick them all up again, hand her cloths to chew on, walk her around, sit her up, lay her down, in her chair, out of her chair, sing to her, watch tv with her, today I even put her in her pushchair which earned a good 10 minutes of giggles, until eventually I offer her food. If she wasn’t hungry before, she certainly is now. And then she falls asleep. All that crying must really take it out of her. I am exhausted so, once I know she is sound asleep, (in my arms as she is obviously being clingy), I attempt to get some shut eye myself.

10 minutes later she is awake and we start the whole exhausting cycle again. She has had a good nap but I have barely shut my eyes. The day goes on and on as I look forward to our nightly routine of bath, feed, pre sleep nap, feed, fall asleep properly then put her in her cot. Alas, of course she was not going to be easy tonight. After half hour of screaming she wanted a third feed before finally giving in to the sandman. I am exhausted, and wondering how we will cope tomorrow as we spend half the day on the train travelling to and from London.

Bring me sleep, for tomorrow we ride…!

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